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NATO plans to open defense training center for Ukrainian military

NATO plans to open defense training center for Ukrainian military Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The North Atlantic Alliance intends to launch a center for defense training, analysis, and education for Ukrainian military personnel. This new initiative will complement the EU's training mission and existing ally programs, according to El Pais.

Sources indicate that the NATO center aims to assist Ukraine not only in the military training of its soldiers and servicemen but also in teaching them strategies and defense administration management.

The center's objective is to enhance support for the country invaded by Russia two years ago and help align its forces with Alliance standards to which it aspires to join one day.

Until now, the Alliance had avoided steps that could be interpreted by Russia as a threat. For this reason, NATO members, either bilaterally or as part of groups, provided Ukraine with military equipment and training. This new center represents a shift in philosophy in this regard and a new element in the evolving relationship between NATO and Kiev.

Currently, 31 allies within the military organization are discussing how the new center will be funded (whether it will be financed from NATO's general accounts or from a budgetary fund) and what type of instructors will work there.These could be instructors based at the new facility or personnel sent by NATO members for shorter terms, say diplomatic sources familiar with the internal negotiations.

NATO defense ministers will soon finalize the details of the project, which is expected to receive final approval at the summit in Washington in July.

NATO shifts approach to aiding Ukraine

Recent reports have indicated that NATO is considering taking on the coordination of arms supplies to Ukraine. This is seen as a change in direction, as previously the Alliance did not directly intervene in supply matters, leaving them to the discretion of individual member countries.

NATO leadership aims to integrate the Ramstein format into Alliance structures. This decision may be a bid to safeguard against potential changes in U.S. policy.