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NATO begins large-scale exercises near borders of Russia

NATO begins large-scale exercises near borders of Russia NATO is starting large-scale exercises near the borders of Russia (photo:

In northern Finland, Sweden, and Norway, today, March 4, large-scale military exercises of NATO countries called Nordic Response 24 are beginning and will last until March 15. They are being held under the leadership of Norway, according to Yle.

It is noteworthy that for Finland, this is the most important participation in international exercises abroad in the history of the Defense Forces, and the first time Finland has participated in joint defense exercises with NATO countries as a member of the defense alliance.

Nordic Response is a large-scale military exercise on land, at sea, and in the air. It will involve about 20,000 military personnel from 14 countries. Finland will be represented by about 4,100 military personnel.

Nordic Response 2024 is part of the extensive NATO Steadfast Defender exercises. It is expected that over 50 ships, including frigates and submarines, as well as over 100 fighter jets, helicopters, and other aircraft, will also be involved in the exercises.

NATO exercises

In the first half of 2024, NATO is conducting a series of exercises under the general code name Steadfast Defender-24. Poland will be one of the host countries and will host a significant number of soldiers and equipment from allies. As part of Steadfast Defender-24, Poland will also conduct national exercises involving armed forces from other countries under the name Dragon-24.

Additionally, in the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Sicily, maritime exercises of NATO countries called Dynamic Manta began on the morning of February 26. The exercises serve as a platform to test and strengthen the Alliance's crisis response capabilities.

On February 9, aviation exercises involving the US and allies began in the Pacific Ocean, with over 80 aircraft participating. The training center was located in Guam. During the exercises, which lasted until February 23, allied forces participated in medical evacuation drills and personnel and cargo airdrop exercises.