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National Bank reveals amount of aid Ukraine expects from its partners in 2024

National Bank reveals amount of aid Ukraine expects from its partners in 2024 The head of the NBU, Andriy Pyshnyi (photo:

Next year, we anticipate at least $38 billion in assistance from our international partners for Ukraine, says Andriy Pyshnyi, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The head of the National Bank mentioned that in 2023, international assistance was substantial, reaching nearly $43 billion to date.

However, towards the end of the year, the NBU had to acknowledge that risks of irregularity materialized, somewhat undermining the expected inflows that Ukraine relied on in January-February.

Pyshnyi noted that according to the NBU's baseline scenario, Ukraine's international financial assistance this year should be around $38 billion.

"But it's crucial to ensure not only the volume but also the regularity, the timely receipt, as the war budget cannot be put on pause," said the head of the NBU.

The situation regarding aid from the U.S. for Ukraine

At the end of 2023, the U.S. Congress failed to approve President Joe Biden's request for over $100 billion for national security needs, including over $60 billion for Ukraine.

The main obstacle came from Republicans who refused to support the initiative. They demanded that the White House incorporate their proposals to enhance border security into the request.

Earlier, the White House stated that the United States no longer has funds to provide Ukraine with new packages of military aid. According to National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby, President Joe Biden signed the last security assistance package for which we have authority over the funds.