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NASA shares video showing plunge into black hole

NASA shares video showing plunge into black hole Simulation’s plunge into black hole (screenshot)

NASA published an impressive video offering a hypothetical view of a camera's journey into a black hole spiral, according to NASA Goddard.

What video shows

The journey to the singularity begins with a gradual approach to the black hole. Superheated gases gradually merge into a large accretion disk, while the first silhouettes of a photon ring start to sparkle. Layers of distorted images decorate the photon ring, creating a surreal landscape of space intertwined with the gravitational grip of the black hole.

As the camera zooms in, the fabric of space and time begins to warp, reaching the event horizon. This is where the laws of physics break down.

The journey begins with exponential acceleration, crossing the accretion disk, photon ring, and event horizon in a paradoxical blur.

Creating the demonstration took over five days. But it would have taken more than a decade of continuous computing and rendering to make it on a regular laptop.

About black hole

A black hole is a part of space where gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape. It is a result of the collapse of a massive star or other objects due to gravitational squeeze when a large amount of matter is concentrated in one point.

Black holes have several characteristics that make them special. One of the most important is the event horizon, within which events can no longer affect an external observer. Another important feature is the singularity, where matter is compressed to an extreme density and the object changes into an elusive point formation.

Black holes play a key role in the study of space, as they are the source of a large number of interesting phenomena, such as Hawking radiation and accretion disks, and they stay the subject of active research by theorists and astrophysicists.