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NASA delivered samples from asteroid Bennu to Earth

NASA delivered samples from asteroid Bennu to Earth NASA has successfully delivered samples from an asteroid to Earth (photo:

The NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx, with samples from the asteroid Bennu, has landed at a military test and training range in the state of Utah. This marks the first time that the United States has successfully delivered rock and dust from an asteroid to Earth, according to NASA's press release.

Radar data from the test range in Utah confirmed that the capsule entered Earth's atmosphere as planned.

Upon entering the atmosphere, the capsule's "drogue" parachute, the smaller of the two parachutes on board, deployed to help stabilize it before detaching from the capsule. The main parachute then opened, slowing the capsule from hypersonic speeds to a speed of approximately 11 miles per hour before landing.

More details about the mission

The asteroid Bennu was discovered in 1999. Researchers believe it is an ancient carbonaceous or carbon-rich asteroid, and its rocks may contain preserved elements that existed 4.5 billion years ago during the formation of the planets and the Sun.

Scientists speculate that studying samples from the asteroid Bennu will provide a better understanding of the birth of the Solar System.

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft first approached the asteroid in 2018.