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Munich Security Report: NATO and EU should double military aid to Ukraine

Munich Security Report: NATO and EU should double military aid to Ukraine Photo: NATO and EU should double military aid to Ukraine (Getty Images)

Members of the European Union and NATO should double their aid to Ukraine, since no one in Europe is immune from Russian aggression, according to the Munich Security Report.

Russia will look for a victim

It is noted that EU and NATO members need to double financial and military aid to Ukraine.

"A battle-hardened Russia with an economy on war footing would rearm quickly and look for its next victim," the report said.

It also clarifies that no one in Europe will be safe from Russian aggression and hybrid war in a period of doubt about the provision of security by the United States.

Fighting "fatigue from Ukraine"

The report said that a possible Russian victory would also set a dangerous precedent for conflicts outside Europe, showing that borders are no longer inviolable and that aggression and war crimes are justified.

Therefore, decision-makers in Europe and the USA must fight against "Ukraine fatigue", help Kyiv win and reduce the "gray zone".

Access to EU and NATO

EU and NATO members should actively support countries on the path to accession.

"The EU should concretize the notion of staged accession and reward reform progress with gradual access to its institutions and policies," the text says.

This should include regular invitations of candidate countries to European Council meetings as guests. NATO Allies should, if necessary, extend bilateral security guarantees in the interim until accession.

Munich Security Conference

As a reminder, this year's Munich Security Conference will be held from February 16 to 18.

This is an annual international conference held in Munich. In its course, politicians, military and business representatives, non-governmental organizations and security experts discuss current security issues. At the same time, they do not comply with diplomatic and protocol requirements.

The event is the world's largest security conference.

Earlier, the mass media reported that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, will visit Germany and attend the Munich Security Conference.