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Most common places where sunscreen needed, but many forget about them

Most common places where sunscreen needed, but many forget about them Photo: Where people forget to apply sunscreen (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

On warm days with active sunshine, don't forget to protect your skin with sunscreen.

Ukrainian Dr. Daryna Vlasenko tells about the places where people often forget to apply the cream.

Places to apply sunscreen:

  • Ears
  • Lips (balm in a stick with SPF)
  • Nose
  • Bald spots
  • The back of the neck
  • Hands and arms
  • Back of the foot
  • Hairline

Sun protection

The doctor emphasizes that these areas also need protection and that the appearance of any unpleasant formations on them is quite possible.

Don't forget that you need a lot of the cream itself. For a child, for example, you need 28 grams of cream.

The cream itself can also deteriorate, so do not expose it to direct sunlight, hide it under a towel or thermal bag.

Remember that the cream should never be applied to the mucous membrane.

The pediatrician said that she does not recommend sunscreen spray for children in the first years of life. Because it may contain alcohol and small particles are easily inhaled when sprayed.

It is better to choose sun protection in the form of milk, stick, or cream.

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