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Most common mistake: 3 foods you shouldn't eat while drinking coffee

Most common mistake: 3 foods you shouldn't eat while drinking coffee Coffee never matches with these products (photo: Freepik)

Coffee is one of the world's favorite drinks. It's a great way to invigorate you in the morning and give you energy. Although it goes well with most foods, there are three combinations that should be avoided if you don't want to get unpleasant reactions, reveals

Meat and coffee

Drinking coffee and eating meat at the same time is a bad idea. The beverage contains tannins that form compounds with several minerals that are present in meat. Accordingly, if you take animal protein with coffee, it can lead to the excretion of zinc from the organism. And this element is very important for the proper functioning of your body.

Therefore, experts advise against drinking coffee after eating foods rich in zinc. This category includes red meat, oysters, poultry, and beans. Also, do not combine shrimp and coffee. These products are incompatible.

Dairy products and coffee

Coffee with milk is a very common drink option. This combination can slightly soften the bitter taste of the beans and make the drink more satiating, thereby satisfying hunger.

But in reality, the combination of these products is not healthy. Coffee can make it difficult for the body to absorb calcium, which leads to its excretion through the urine.

You should also avoid drinking coffee with other dairy products: cream, ice cream, etc.

Fried foods and coffee

Many people like to eat French fries and drink coffee, or other fried fast foods. But this combination is highly undesirable, as it has a negative impact on health. Fried foods often contain large amounts of unhealthy fats and cholesterol. In tandem with coffee, this can lead to a rapid increase in the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

This can also lead to a heavy stomach. Instead, citrus fruits go very well with coffee, and not only sweet tangerines and oranges but also sour lemons and limes. Grapes, apricots, bananas, and pineapples are also good with this drink.

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