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Morning assault in Mykolaiv: Damaged hotel, photos of attack aftermath emerge

Morning assault in Mykolaiv: Damaged hotel, photos of attack aftermath emerge Photo: the consequences of the Russian air strike on Mykolaiv on April 28 (

In Mykolaiv, significant damage to civilian infrastructure, including a hotel building, was recorded early in the morning on April 28 as a result of an enemy drone strike. The aftermath of the attack can be seen in footage from local rescuers, informs the State Emergency Service.

"Due to an enemy UAV strike, a hotel building in the city has been damaged. The fire has been extinguished," emergency services reported.

The State Emergency Service added that windows were shattered in another nearby hotel, and vehicles were also damaged.

"Additionally, infrastructure has been affected," rescuers stated in their publication.

The Mykolaiv Regional State Administration clarified that the attack damaged a heat-generating infrastructure object.

Emergency services added that there is no information about casualties. The consequences of the enemy strike on Mykolaiv are being further assessed.

Night air attack and explosions in Mykolaiv

It was previously reported that on the night of April 28, Russian occupiers once again launched an aerial attack on Ukrainian territory. Around 04:45 in Mykolaiv, explosions were heard during the alarm. Prior to this, the Air Force command was warned about the movement of Shahed drones towards the city for the strike.

By morning, it became known that Ukrainian air defense forces had shot down 5 enemy drones that night (5 Shaheds and 1 UAV of an unidentified type). Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Air Force, stated that the enemy also launched a surface-to-air missile S-300.

The Defense Forces specified that the defense against the aerial attack was conducted in 5 regions.