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More provocations from Russia to come soon, Polish Foreign Ministry

More provocations from Russia to come soon, Polish Foreign Ministry Russian ambassador was summoned to the Polish Foreign Ministry (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Russian Ambassador Sergey Andreev was urgently summoned to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to provocative statements made by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, according to Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński in an interview with WNP.

The meeting with the Russian ambassador was very brief, and the diplomat appeared visibly upset, displaying unfriendly behavior that was not in line with diplomatic protocol. Yablonski said that this is not an untipical incident and it reflects Russia's stance as a whole, indicating that Russia has no intention of pursuing diplomatic solutions.

"The provocative behavior from the Russian side has been ongoing for several months now, and we anticipate this will continue, with even more provocations in the near future as Russia closely monitors the situation in Poland," said the Polish diplomat.

Yablonski further noted that Russia has attempted to influence election outcomes in many countries through disinformation, and Poland is not exempt from such actions. He warned that in the coming months, there will likely be a significant increase in Russian disinformation efforts, to which the Polish government is prepared to respond proactively, adjusting their actions based on how the situation develops.

Putin's statements about Poland

Previously, the Russian dictator asserted that Poland "should thank the USSR for restoring its independence," as dictator Joseph Stalin "gifted it" with western lands. Additionally, Putin insinuated that Poland might have aggressive intentions towards Belarus and is amassing forces at the border.

In response to Putin's allegations, Stanislav Zharin, the representative of Poland's government in charge of information security, reacted strongly, calling the Kremlin's claims "pitiful nonsense." Zharin pointed out that the dictator was attempting to exploit historical revisionism to spread falsehoods about Poland.