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Mood-boosting color schemes for interior, according to color psychologist

Mood-boosting color schemes for interior, according to color psychologist What colors to paint the room in oder to improve the mood (photo: Freepik)

The color of the paint for the walls at home allows you to distinguish the residence relatively affordably. Some colors can affect a person's mood. Therefore, you need to take this into account during the renovation, reports Homes & Gardens.

What colors lift the mood

There are so-called "happy shades", which include calm warm colors.

Soft pink has the ability to physically soothe, while yellow is full of energy and is associated with sunlight.

Designer Tash Bradley said that in order for color to affect your mood, you don't need to paint the whole room with it. In particular, these can be small accents.

If you do not like bright colors and any pastel shades, then designers advise you to choose restrained and natural ones.

"Green is often referred to as nature’s neutral. It connects us to the natural world and helps us to unwind. With a dash of yellow, it’s instantly uplifting," says the expert.

Such colors are perfect for a living room, bedroom or children's room. These are good alternatives to soft white, which also creates a cozy and attractive atmosphere.

It's important to consider how you use each room and how you want it to feel.

For example, in the bedroom, the feeling of peace and relaxation can be what makes you happiest at the end of a long day when you want to rest. For this, the designer advises to choose warm green with yellow shades.

For cheerfulness in the bath, use sky-blue shades. Blue can stimulate and awaken the mind.

What colors dampen mood

The red color is associated with danger. One of the most aggressive colors in history provokes anger. This is at the subconscious level, but the body responds to color physiologically.

To the group of black, we include conventionally saturated dark blue and other deep dark colors. It is believed that this color stimulates the brain. But at the same time, it is impossible to relax in such a room.

The dark blue tone encourages but does not allow you to relax.

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