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Moldova condemns Russia's policy of genocide towards Ukraine

Moldova condemns Russia's policy of genocide towards Ukraine Moldova condemned Russia's policy of genocide towards Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

The Parliament of Moldova has adopted a declaration condemning Russia's policy of genocide against Ukraine. This includes the forced displacement and deportation of Ukrainian children to the territories occupied by Russia, reports NewsMaker.

The Declaration was supported by 59 deputies from the ruling PAS party and one independent deputy. However, deputies from the Communist and Socialist Bloc, as well as independent deputies, abstained from voting.

The document condemns Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine, which has resulted in numerous civilian casualties and the displacement of millions of people and refugees.

The Document notes that as a result of Russia's aggression, hundreds of children have been killed and thousands injured. Nearly two-thirds of children in Ukraine have been forced to move to another settlement in Ukraine, and about 2 million children with their mothers have been forced to seek refuge in other countries.

"This Declaration confirms the readiness of the Moldovan authorities to continue providing humanitarian assistance to refugees from Ukraine and calls for the consolidation of efforts by the democratic world and international humanitarian organizations to identify, determine the whereabouts, and repatriate forcibly displaced and deported children to Ukraine," parliament said.

What preceded this

On February 26, 2022, Ukraine filed a lawsuit against Russia, requesting that Russia be held accountable for distorting the concept of genocide. In particular, the Kremlin used fakes about genocide in Donbas as one of the reasons for starting a full-scale war.

In its lawsuit, Ukraine seeks to prove that the aggressor country has violated the 1948 Convention.

The latest hearings on Ukraine's complaint were held in September 2023. Recently, the International Court of Justice has resumed hearings in Ukraine's lawsuit against the Russian Federation regarding this case.