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Missile strike on Sumy region: Infrastructure damage reported

Missile strike on Sumy region: Infrastructure damage reported Illustrative photo: Russia shelled Konotop on June 4 (facebook/com.ol.vasilyev)

The Russian Federation on Tuesday, June 4, attacked the city of Konotop in the Sumy region, according to the Mayor of Konotop, Artem Semenikhin.

According to him, as a result of the attack, the industrial infrastructure was affected.

"There was a missile strike in Konotop - another act of terrorism from the Russian Federation. The industrial infrastructure of our city was hit," he said.

Preliminary information indicates that no one was injured. However, the consequences of the Russian attack are still being clarified.

"Traffic in the direction of the residential area Zhytlomasyv is temporarily restricted. I mean the traffic of trams," he added.

Today the General Staff reported that Russia has intensified shelling of border towns in the Chernihiv and Sumy regions.

As of this morning, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have eliminated another 1290 Russian soldiers.

Enemy losses in manpower amount to 512,420 soldiers.