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Ukraine's MIA chief reacts to shooting with patrol officers in Dnipro: Serious precedent

Ukraine's MIA chief reacts to shooting with patrol officers in Dnipro: Serious precedent Ukraine's Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The deadly shooting involving a patrol officer that occurred on August 29th in Dnipro is a serious incident, and there are some obvious issues, according to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko.

According to Klymenko, it is necessary to analyze the events in Dnipro with a cool head after emotions have settled. The investigation into the shooting is currently ongoing, and it will later provide answers to the main questions.

"However, there are things that are obvious. If citizens want to live in a lawful state, they themselves must abide by the legislation, behave according to established norms, and undoubtfully not assault the police. Furthermore, they should teach their children to be law-abiding," Klymenko noted.

As the minister pointed out, the situation in Dnipro is a serious precedent. Today, Ukrainians live in a wartime that is not always stable but is controlled because of the efforts of law enforcement agencies.

"If some citizens live in anarchy and consider themselves above the law, and the police cannot perform their functions, Ukrainian society can expect very dark times," he added.

Deadly shooting involving a patrol officer

On August 29th, the media reported a shooting involving a law enforcement officer in Dnipro, resulting in the death of a man.

According to preliminary information, law enforcement officers attempted to stop a luxury car in the city center of Dnipro because the driver ignored traffic rules. After stopping, one of the passengers behaved aggressively and showed signs of alcohol intoxication.

The conflict between law enforcement officers and the car's passengers escalated into a brawl during which the patrol officer used his service weapon. The man died on the spot due to the injuries sustained.

Local media note that initially, the deceased man was driving the car. However, after the car was stopped, he allegedly began to switch places with a female passenger. There are currently no official comments on this matter.

Later, it became known that the patrol officer had been detained.