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Mine collapsed in Russia: People trapped under rubble

Mine collapsed in Russia: People trapped under rubble A mine collapsed in Russia, there are people trapped under the rubble (photo: Getty Images)

On Monday, March 18, a regional state of emergency was declared in the Amur region of Russia due to a landslide at a local mine. Thirteen people were in the mine at the time, specializing in mining and construction work, according to Russian media reports.

"During the landslide at the mine at a depth of about 125 meters, there were 13 people. These are employees of a subcontractor. There is currently no communication with the people," the government of the Amur region stated.

According to preliminary data, among the injured are shift workers from different regions. A group of rescuers was sent to provide medical assistance to them through the ventilation systems. Currently, communication is being established, and the transport slope is being cleared.

"It is necessary to organize emergency rescue operations correctly and professionally. All forces and resources of the region have been mobilized to rescue people," the local governor stated.

The mine reported that the landslide occurred at the +100 mark. In the morning on Tuesday, 25 employees of the mining rescue unit of the Russian Emergencies Ministry arrived at the scene, and the firefighting and rescue group continued its work.

Additionally, a Mi-8 helicopter with 13 rescuers from the Russian Emergencies Ministry and an agency from the Primorsky Territory has been sent from the Khabarovsk Territory to the Amur Region. It is also reported that there has been a water breakthrough in the mine.

Earlier in the Donetsk region, a mine was de-energized due to shelling. As a result of enemy shelling, the air transmission line was disconnected, leading to the de-energization of the 110 kV substation. According to reports, this incident left 20 miners underground, but they were successfully brought to the surface within a few hours.

Incidentally, Russians are looting mines in the Luhansk region. The process of dismantling equipment has begun at two coal mining enterprises in the city of Dovzhansk. This concerns the mines Krasnyi Partyzan and Dolzhanskaia-Kapytalnaia,

All equipment that can be dismantled at the direction of new investors is being exported to the territory of the Russian Federation. At one of these enterprises, miners have already been warned about future long-term vacations.

According to Lysogor, according to the decision of the LNR government, the mines are being transferred for a nominal fee without conducting competitive bidding. Thus, the Russian occupiers are independently deciding who to entrust with the liquidation of the coal mining industry in the territory of the Luhansk region.