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Microsoft to end support for Windows 10: Date revealed

Microsoft to end support for Windows 10: Date revealed Photo: Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 (Getty Images)

American company Microsoft will no longer release security updates and technical fixes for Windows 10. This will happen as early as next year, according to Microsoft.

After October 14, 2025, Microsoft will no longer release updates for Windows 10. The company previously announced that it would cease issuing security updates for corporate clients, but with the possibility of extending their release for an additional fee.

Overall, Windows 10 was released on July 15, 2015, and at the end of its support, it will have been over ten years since its launch.

Support for Windows 8.1 also ended ten years after its release. Windows 7 lasted a little longer - 11 years.

We wrote that in Windows 11, Microsoft will introduce an updated Start menu with the addition of a new widget panel.

In particular, in build 26212, the Start Menu Companions feature was introduced, allowing widgets to be displayed alongside applications.

Additionally, Microsoft recently unveiled laptops with artificial intelligence.