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Meet Olivia Henson, the new Duchess of Westminster

Meet Olivia Henson, the new Duchess of Westminster Hugh Grosvenor married Olivia Henson (screenshot)

The wedding of the year took place in the UK. One of the wealthiest grooms in the United Kingdom, billionaire and close friend of Prince William, the Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, married Olivia Henson. While there is a lot of information about the 33-year-old groom in the press, much less is known about his chosen one.

She comes from an aristocratic family

Olivia Henson is an aristocrat, the eldest daughter of Rupert Henson, a descendant of the Hoare banking dynasty, and Caroline Henson, the Marquess of Bristol.

Studied at a prestigious school

In her youth, Olivia studied at the prestigious Marlborough School. Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie also studied there.

She then went on to Trinity College Dublin, where she studied Spanish and Italian.

Founded in 1592 by Elizabeth I, Trinity College is considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The college is often mentioned in literature, for example, the characters in Sally Rooney's novel Normal People, like the writer herself, studied there.

She speaks several languages

Olivia Henson is not active on social media, at least not publicly, but her LinkedIn page says that she is fluent in Spanish and has a basic knowledge of Italian.

She works as a manager

Olivia Henson, 31, is a senior account manager at Belazu, a London-based ethical food company.

Previously, she held positions at other organic and healthy food companies such as Daily Dose Juices and No. 1 Rosemary Water.

Often compared to Kate Middleton

Many people believe that Henson and Middleton are similar in appearance and personality. According to some, this is not surprising, because Prince William and Hugh Grosvenor have been friends since childhood, and therefore they may have similar preferences in choosing partners.

How she met her future husband

She met the Duke of Westminster through mutual friends in 2021. The engagement was announced in the spring of 2023.

On June 7, their wedding took place, with 400 people invited, including members of the British royal family.