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Maternity hospital converted into military in Rostov-on-Don

Maternity hospital converted into military in Rostov-on-Don A maternity hospital was converted into a military hospital in Rostov (photo:

In Rostov-on-Don, a maternity hospital has been converted into a military hospital. Maternity patients are being sent to neighboring cities, and midwives are being offered to care for wounded soldiers, according to Mediazona.

At the end of February, maternity patients were redistributed to other hospitals. At that time, individuals in military uniforms were inspecting the building.

One of the employees said that this happened during her shift. People in military uniforms were looking for a place to set up a hospital. According to the head of the department, they were looking for a building for a military hospital and asked how much equipment and monitors the maternity hospital had.

"It was during my shift. I went to the maternity ward for a child, and I saw people in uniforms. Then they came down to us on the second floor, and I asked who they were. My colleagues said they were soldiers. We were told that there would be a military hospital here," said one of the midwives.

According to the staff, for some time, a military hospital was operating in the maternity hospital at the same time as the women's consultation. A maternity patient sent to Novocherkassk told journalists that on the morning of February 23, when she went into labor, she was put out on the street.

Midwives said that the maternity hospital staff were offered to stay in the hospital and care for the wounded soldiers. To do this, they need to undergo a three-month retraining course and work a little in the special operations zone.

The regional Ministry of Health says that the work of the maternity department has been suspended and will resume in a new building.

"Medical care will be resumed in a new building, put into operation after reconstruction. Pregnant women and maternity patients are provided with all necessary medical care in other specialized medical institutions of the city according to the order of the Ministry of Health of the Rostov region," officials say.