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Massive accident in Türkiye: Dozen dead, nearly 60 injured

Massive accident in Türkiye: Dozen dead, nearly 60 injured A car accident with dozens of dead and injured in Türkiye (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

A massive accident occurred in the Black Sea region of Türkiye. The accident killed 10 people and injured 59 others.

Sources used: Minister of Health of the Republic of Türkiye Fahrettin Koca's report on X and CNN Türk TV channel.

"This morning at 04:36, 10 people died on the spot and 59 were injured, 8 of them seriously, as a result of a chain road accident that occurred on the Sakarya-North Marble Highway Tekeler Mevköy," Health Minister says.

According to Koca, the victims were taken to hospitals by 30 ambulances.

"We wish God's mercy to our citizens who were killed and condolences to their families. We are doing everything necessary to restore the health of the victims," he says.

The accident could have been caused by unfavorable weather conditions, in particular, thick fog.

The accident was caused by a collision between a car and a truck. Later, other vehicles were involved in the accident.

According to eyewitnesses, some people died as a result of a car hitting those who got out of their vehicles and watched the first accident.

Recent mass accidents

On December 14, three Ukrainian drivers were hit on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The driver of the car with Polish license plates who committed the hit-and-run was detained by the police.

Also, an accident involving four cars occurred near the village of Nadia (Dnipropetrovsk region). A man died in the accident, and three others were injured.