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Macron is US ally, but US won't send troops to Ukraine - State Department

Macron is US ally, but US won't send troops to Ukraine - State Department Matthew Miller (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

France, a longstanding ally of the United States, finds itself in a diplomatic tangle following President Emmanuel Macron's remarks regarding the potential deployment of troops to Ukraine. However, Washington remains steadfast in its position despite Macron's overture, according to a spokesperson from the US State Department, Matthew Miller.

There's been no shift in Washington's stance, even in light of Macron's statement.

Responding to queries regarding a Bloomberg report suggesting discontent among officials in Washington over Macron's statement, Miller said, "I don’t have any reaction to that report and I’m not going to preview the meeting in detail, but of course we have made clear that the United States is not going to send any troops to Ukraine."

Miller expressed uncertainty about the identity of the anonymous official cited by Bloomberg, adding, "President Macron is the head of a longtime ally of the United States and we work productively with him on a number of matters, including support for Ukraine."

He declined to comment on whether this topic would be discussed during the upcoming visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Paris in early April and his meeting with Macron.


Bloomberg reported that Macron's mention of the potential deployment of French troops to Ukraine has stirred unease among American officials, who anonymously suggest such a move could risk confrontation with Moscow.

In late February, President Macron did not rule out the possibility of Western countries deploying troops to aid Ukraine.

In March, Macron reiterated the possibility of French troops in Ukraine, emphasizing that such an option remains on the table.