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Lullabies for soldiers: Midwife from Luhansk region shares story of saving Ukrainian defenders

Lullabies for soldiers: Midwife from Luhansk region shares story of saving Ukrainian defenders Oksana Sokhan saves soldiers in the Zaporizhzhia sector (photo:
Author: Maria Kholina

Oksana Sokhan, currently serving as the head nurse of the medical unit in the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade of Zakarpattia, decided to help the military back in 2014. Prior to that, the woman from Lysychansk, Luhansk region, worked as a midwife.

Oksana Sokhan shared how she once had to sing a lullaby to soldiers to help calm them down, according to Suspilne.

Heping soldiers with concussions

The nurse mentioned that sometimes she has to save soldiers in challenging conditions. Once, she had to assist soldiers with concussions, but there were no medications available for that. In that situation, Sokhan found the only option.

"There was a case when they threw two guys into my car, and they had a severe concussion. They were behaving irrationally, aggressively, trying to run somewhere. And I didn't have any medications to calm them down.

I found nothing better than to sing a lullaby, just like for my own children. And they calmed down," recalled the nurse.

Співала колискову, щоб заспокоїти. Акушерка з Луганщини вразила історією про порятунок військових

"Not today"

Sokhan, who is currently saving soldiers on the Zaporizhzhia front, also shared when she felt most scared. At the beginning of the full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, the nurse was afraid of dying twice on days that were crucial for her family.

"It was scary while driving there because you've got time to think, and you hear all of it, and you just pray in the car. The toughest days for me were February 27 and March 3 - those are the birthdays of my granddaughter and my son.

While in the car, I said, 'God, not today, so as not to ruin my kids' birthdays.' We were all ready to die, we all understood that we wouldn't survive," confessed the nurse.