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Load your wallet with these items for prosperity in New Year

Load your wallet with these items for prosperity in New Year Why put a bay leaf in your wallet (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

There is a belief that on New Year's Eve, you can attract luck and money by putting certain things in your wallet. Give it a try, and perhaps luck will smile upon you. Keep reading to get to know what to put in your wallet on New Year's Eve.

During the preparation of this material, sources such as News of Zakarpattia, Chas Diy, and Glavred were consulted.

New Year's wealth ritual - put this in your wallet

If you want money to always be in your wallet, put a "lucky" coin in it. Any small coin will do, whether you found it or someone gave it to you. On New Year's Eve, thoroughly clean the coin so that no dirt remains on it. At midnight, place it in a glass, pour a drink over it, and make a wish. Take a sip, and let the coin stay at the bottom. Then transfer it to your wallet, and happiness and wealth will walk with you throughout the year.

Also, on New Year's Eve, you can place a banknote in your wallet that someone has gifted you. Thank them for the present and "charge" your wallet with wealth. A banknote given from the heart will bring a lot of happiness. Money will start sticking to it, as if attracted like flies to honey.

Another option is a laurel leaf. At midnight, put it in your wallet and charge yourself with the powerful energy of money. Don't touch the laurel leaf; let it lie next to the money all year. The spice will "attract" large bills like a magnet.

If you don't have a banknote or don't want to put a coin or laurel leaf in your wallet, make a "lucky note." For this ritual, take a small piece of paper and write on it the amount you dream of earning in 2024. It's important to also write down what specifically you plan to spend this money on. Then put the note in your wallet.