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Live now: Why people shouldn't postpone everything until tomorrow

Live now: Why people shouldn't postpone everything until tomorrow How to overcome the procrastination syndrome (collage: RBC Ukraine)

Many people experience the syndrome of postponed life. However, in doing so, a person cannot fully enjoy the present moment and constantly procrastinates, according to Ukrainian designer Andriy Tan.

According to the designer, during times of war, it's essential to realize that there's no need to postpone life and plans for tomorrow and think that everything now is not the right time.

"I've been through this too, and I know how it feels... so much has fallen onto our lives that it seems like our plans and goals are not relevant right now. But now more than ever, it's crucial to realize, 'When if not now?'" the message said.

Andriy Tan also shared some advice to help overcome the syndrome of postponed life.

Set realistic goals

In life, it's important to set goals and break them down into the smallest tasks, fitting them into your daily schedule. There's no need to think about months and years; start with weeks and do it right now.

Practice mindfulness

The designer advises practicing breathing techniques, meditating, doing exercises for relaxation and being present in the moment.

Work on negative beliefs

One should learn to remove all negative scenarios.

"What if tomorrow never comes, I have no right to be happy now, I'm not worthy of it - get it out of your head!" wrote Andriy Tan.

Don't ignore your desires

Listening to yourself is very important. You should learn to truly understand what you want, not what society or relatives want for you.

Say goodbye to things

If you have jeans on the shelf that you plan to wear when you lose weight, they will most likely give you nothing but a bad mood and stress. It's better to give them to someone and finally buy new ones for yourself.

"Remember, life is this moment." It's not tomorrow, not in a week, or a year - it's now. Live, seize opportunities, and enjoy each day," added the designer.