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Lithuania will help Ukraine restore thermal power plants damaged by Russian attacks

Lithuania will help Ukraine restore thermal power plants damaged by Russian attacks Illustrative photo: Lithuania will help Ukraine restore TPPs damaged by Russian shelling (Getty Images)

Lithuania to provide Ukraine with energy equipment for the restoration of thermal power plants damaged by Russian shelling, according to the Ministry of Energy.

The department noted that compared to last year, Russia has changed tactics in its strikes on Ukraine's infrastructure. The new attacks have much more complex consequences for the country.

According to the Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko, a group of Ukrainian specialists will soon visit several Lithuanian energy facilities to verify the equipment, which will later be transferred to the Ukrainian energy sector.

This involves large-scale equipment for thermal power plants, which is extremely important for the Ukrainian energy sector, which lost a significant amount of thermal generation due to the enemy's attack.

"We thank Lithuania for this support. Your assistance is of great importance to us. We have already received two powerful autotransformers and 72 shipments of other necessary energy equipment from the Lithuanian side, totaling over 1,300 tons," said Halushchenko.

Massive attacks by Russia on Ukraine's energy sector

On March 22, the Russian military launched missile strikes on Ukraine, causing extensive damage to energy facilities.

In particular, the aggressor destroyed the Zmiiv Thermal Power Plant, one of the largest in the Kharkiv region. The level of destruction varies from complete to significant. Currently, the plant is undergoing debris clearance, and there is no access to a large portion of the equipment.

Later, DTEK released footage showing the interior of one of the power plants after enemy attacks.

The Russians also damaged the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant in Zaporizhzhia.

Ukrenergo referred to the attack on the energy sector as the largest throughout the entire war period.

Additionally, Russian occupiers once again attacked three thermal power plants in Ukraine during the night of March 29.