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Lithuania hosts first meeting of coalition for demining in Ukraine

Lithuania hosts first meeting of coalition for demining in Ukraine Photo: Lithuania hosts the first meeting of the coalition for demining in Ukraine (

The first meeting of coalition partners for demining in Ukraine, under the leadership of Lithuania, took place at the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania, according to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Lithuania.

In particular, it is reported that allies, along with representatives from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, discussed the coalition's plans and future work.

"This is the first working meeting where the needs of Ukraine in demining activities and the specific contribution of each coalition partner state were clarified," said Vaidotas Urbelis, Director of Defense Policy at the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense.

According to him, in addition to Lithuania and Ukraine, representatives from 19 countries personally participated in the meeting, while six more countries joined remotely.

"This demonstrates the unity of partner states that seek not only to respond to urgent needs but also to support the long-term development of Ukraine's demining capabilities," he stated.

The goal of the demining coalition in Ukraine is to unite and coordinate the existing and future support for Ukraine in the field of mine action from donor countries.

Additionally, a support fund will be created to achieve the coalition's goals, including the purchase of tools and equipment for demining Ukrainian territory.

Led by Lithuania, the coalition will assist Ukraine in both military and humanitarian demining efforts.

Demining in Ukraine

Due to Russian invasion and active combat operations, Ukraine is contaminated with explosive objects. Some analysts consider Ukraine to be the most heavily mined country in the world.