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Lithuania hands over L-39ZA training attack aircraft to Ukraine

Lithuania hands over L-39ZA training attack aircraft to Ukraine Lithuania hands over a training attack aircraft (photo:

Lithuania has handed over another military aid to Ukraine. It is an L-39ZA Albatross training attack aircraft.

Another batch of military support prepared by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense has arrived in Ukraine.

Today, a disassembled L-39ZA Albatross light attack aircraft was delivered and handed over to Ukraine.

The use of "Albatrosses"

The L-39ZA Albatross aircraft were used in the Lithuanian army to train fighter control officers and provide combat training for pilots in difficult weather conditions during the day and at night.

What is known about the L-39ZA "Albatross"

The Aero L-39 Albatross is a training and combat trainer aircraft manufactured by the Czechoslovakian aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody with a Soviet engine.

The L-39ZA modification, which was transferred to Ukraine, is a further development of the L-39ZO with a double-barreled GSh-23 cannon.

It should be noted that the L-39ZO is a modification of a training aircraft that can be used as a light attack aircraft. For this purpose, it is equipped with four suspension units.


  • Crew: 2;
  • Length: 12.13 m;
  • Wingspan: 9,46 м;
  • Height: 4,77 м;
  • Wing area: 18,8 м²;
  • Wing profile: NACA 64A012 mod;
  • Empty weight: 3455 kg;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 4700 kg.

The plans of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense to transfer the L-39ZA aircraft to Ukraine became known in early November 2021.

By order of the Commander of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in April 2021, the aircraft was declared unfit for use due to a malfunction. Since then, it has been preserved and re-preserved every six months to prevent damage.

Help from Lithuania

Earlier, in response to Ukraine's requests, Lithuania had already supplied

  • 155 mm caliber ammunition,
  • M577 armored personnel carriers,
  • anti-drone systems,
  • generators,
  • equipment necessary for the winter season and tens of thousands of sets of warm clothing,
  • thousands of Carl Gustaf anti-tank grenade launchers.
  • ammunition,
  • RISE-1 remote detonation systems.

Lithuania's support for Ukraine is long-term and has already amounted to over a billion euros. Lithuania has provided military support to Ukraine in the amount of over €610 million.

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