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Lithuania extends temporary protection of Ukrainian refugees until March 2025

Lithuania extends temporary protection of Ukrainian refugees until March 2025 Lithuania will extend temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees until March 2025 (Illustrative photo: Getty Images)

Lithuania will provide Ukrainian refugees with temporary protection until March 2025. The extension of temporary residence permits will commence shortly, according to LRT.

According to her, a very large number of Ukrainians have been granted temporary protection until March 4, 2024. However, they are about to expire, so it's need to think about replacing them.

"The EU will extend temporary protection until March 2025, allowing all Ukrainian temporary protection beneficiaries to extend their residency permits for another year," said Gudzinskaitė.

Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Lithuania has granted 46,000 digital residency permits based on temporary protection.

"Next week, we will announce the availability of online applications for changing permits and scheduling appointments with the Migration Department. We register new refugees from the Ukraine daily, with a count ranging from 20 to 50 individuals," she emphasized.

Lithuania's assistance to Ukraine

Lithuania is an ally of Ukraine, providing assistance not only in weaponry and military equipment but also in military training.

On November 10, Lithuania supplied Ukraine with two launchers for the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system, along with essential equipment and crew off-road vehicles.

On November 17, Lithuania delivered another military aid package to Ukraine. All units adhere strictly to metric standards. The package included generators, field beds, and dry rations.