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Leisure abroad: 10 destinations where entry fees will be introduced

Leisure abroad: 10 destinations where entry fees will be introduced Photo: Tourism in Barcelona (

Popular tourist destinations across Europe have announced the introduction of an entry fee in 2024. These measures are aimed at supporting the industry after the pandemic and addressing over-tourism.

RBC-Ukraine reports on locations where travelers should expect to pay more for vacations next year, according to

In Paris, the tourist tax will be over 11 euros

From January 2024, tourists in the capital of France will pay a tourist tax for accommodation in hotels or other lodging options, which will almost triple. In 2024, guests staying in high-rated hotels in Paris will pay a tax of over 11 euros per night.

The highest tourist tax in Europe is expected in the Netherlands

By 2024, it is anticipated that the capital of the Netherlands will have the highest tourist tax in Europe, as policymakers have decided to raise it to 12.5% of the hotel room price. This tax will be mandatory for all cruise passengers, as well as visitors spending a night in the city.

This measure has been introduced due to excessive tourism, as it is expected that the number of tourists in Amsterdam will exceed 20 million in 2023.

Плата за в'їзд. 10 туристичних напрямків, де запровадять новий податок у 2024 році

Photo: Tourism in Amsterdam (

Venice to introduce Weekend tourist tax in 2024

In 2024, Venice will start collecting a daily fee from visitors. The trial program of this measure will be launched on weekends next spring and summer. The tourist tax aims to assist the city's residents, including maintenance, cleaning, and reducing the costs of living.

Tourists to pay Hotel tax in Valencia

The Spanish city of Valencia has also announced plans to introduce a tourist tax for travelers staying in hotels, apartments, campsites, and hostels. The collection will begin in early 2024.

The fee will range from 0.50 to 2 euros per night, depending on the accommodation and length of stay. The raised funds will be used for the development of sustainable tourism in the city and to provide more affordable housing for Valencia residents.

Barcelona to increase Tourist tax from April 1

Barcelona raised the fee to 2.75 euros in April 2023, and from April 2024, the commission will be 3.25 euros. The tax will be applied in official tourist locations. The funds will be directed toward financing the city's road repairs, bus services, and escalators.

Плата за в'їзд. 10 туристичних напрямків, де запровадять новий податок у 2024 році

Image: Tourism in Venice (

Madrid is tackling excessive tourism

The Spanish capital is considering the possibility of introducing a new tourist tax in 2024 aimed at combating excessive tourism. The city suffers each year from a large number of visitors, and the introduction of such a measure would be beneficial for the Spanish people.

In Olhão, the tourist tax will be used for cleanliness

In the popular Portuguese town of Olhão, visitors in hotels will be charged 2 euros from April to October and 1 euro from November to March for each night stayed. The tax will not apply to children under 16 and those who pay a maximum of 10 euros during their stay. The funds raised will be used to support the cleanliness and safety of the Algarve region and reduce the impact of tourism on this area.

In Faro, the tourist tax is collected for 7 nights

The tourist tax in the Portuguese city of Faro is approximately 1.50 euros per person and is applied during the summer season - from March to October, with a maximum for 7 nights. Children under 12 are exempt from paying the fee.

In Figueira da Foz, you will have to pay an additional 2 euros per night for the hotel

The Portuguese city will begin implementing a municipal tourist tax, which will depend on the number of nights and the season.

Stays from October to March will cost 1.50 euros per night, while visits during the period from April to September will cost 2 euros per night. Children up to 16 years old, students, and those staying in the city due to circumstances such as natural disasters are exempt from this requirement.

The United Kingdom will introduce an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Starting in 2024, it will require visitors from the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe to apply for permission to travel to British territories.

Travel to the United Kingdom without arrival clearance or authorization may result in penalties.

Плата за в'їзд. 10 туристичних напрямків, де запровадять новий податок у 2024 році

Photo: Tourist location in Austria (

European countries where Tourist tax is already required

In all European countries, a tourist tax is collected, which is often included in the accommodation cost. The price of the tax depends on the location and the time of the visit to the country.

For example, the tourist tax in Vienna and Salzburg in Austria is approximately 3.2 euros.

In Belgium, the tourist tax is levied on accommodation and is calculated based on the number of nights spent in the country. In Antwerp and Bruges, payment is made per room, while in Brussels, it depends on the hotel. Usually, this fee is around 7.5 euros.

Bulgaria and Croatia have some of the lowest tourist tax rates. In Bulgaria, the tax is 1.5 euros depending on the area and hotel classification, and in Croatia, it's around 1.33 euros per night, with higher taxes in the peak summer season.

In the Czech Republic, tourists need to pay less than 1 euro to visit Prague. The fee is collected from visitors per night, and children under 18 are exempt from this requirement.

Плата за в'їзд. 10 туристичних напрямків, де запровадять новий податок у 2024 році

Photo: Tourism in Prague (

France also applies a tourist tax that varies depending on the city. Prices can range from 0.20 euros to almost 4 euros per person, and visitors are charged based on the number of nights spent.

In Germany, culture tax and bed tax have been introduced in the most popular cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Berlin. The commission is about 5% of the hotel bill.

Tourist tax in Greece depends on the hotel rating or the number of rooms and can reach 4 euros. The Greek Ministry of Tourism introduced this fee to reduce the country's debt.

In Hungary, the tourist tax only applies to Budapest, and travelers must pay around 4% for each night spent based on the room price.

Taxes in Italy depend on the tourist destination. The cost of the room varies from 3 to 7 euros per night.

The Netherlands applies two types of taxes – land and water tourist taxes. In Amsterdam, the highest tourist tax is 7% of the hotel room cost.

The two most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia, Ljubljana and Bled, also charge a tourist tax based on the hotel rating, costing around 3 euros.

Tourist tax in Switzerland depends on the location, and the cost per night per person is approximately 2.20 euros. Unlike other countries, the accommodation fee does not include the tourist tax, and it is only valid for stays of less than 40 days.

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