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Legendary fraudster's hidden treasure found in Polish mountains after centuries

Legendary fraudster's hidden treasure found in Polish mountains after centuries Treasure of a swindler who lived 300 years ago found in the mountains of Poland (RBC-Ukraine collage)

Metal detectors found a stash of gold and silver coins hidden in a mountain range in Poland. It turned out they belonged to a legendary fraudster and swindler and had been lying in the mountains for almost 300 years.

More details about the owner of the ancient coins and his treasure were revealed according to Live Science.

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, a known recluse, adventurer, and greedy Anthoni Jaczewski lived in Poland. He deceived people in Kielce, Poland.

According to Polish legend, Jaczewski persuaded people of his healing power, which he "received from the Mother of God, who lived with him in the desert," and then lured them into his mountain settlement.

At that time, Poland was at war and plagued by a plague epidemic. This double blow convinced people to go and see Jaczewski. People paid him in gold and silver coins in exchange for his healing practices.

Later, the authorities seized and arrested the adventurer, but he avoided imprisonment and began deceiving citizens again. In 1712, he was arrested again and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, no accumulated coins were found on him.

Over three centuries, the story of Jaczewski has been enriched with various details, and in the modern world, it has even begun to be considered simply an exciting legend.

Only in 2022 did metal detectors discover a mysterious hiding place with a large number of silver and gold coins. The find was kept secret for two years as scientists figured out who owned this treasure.

"We waited a long time to announce this find, almost two years, but it's worth it. Today, we can say that we have confirmed the true story of a certain legend," said Sebastian Hrabovets, head of the research group.

In addition to the coins, the group also found a golden Hamburg ducat from 1648 depicting the Madonna and Child. Since the piece was pierced, experts believe it may have been worn as a locket.

"Until now, Antoni was considered a fictional person/myth/legend. By finding his treasure, we confirmed that such a person existed," added Hrabovets.

The researchers did not disclose the exact number of coins, as they said the investigation is still ongoing. However, it is known that there are many coins, most of them silver, and all are from the late 17th to early 18th centuries.

Legendary fraudster's hidden treasure found in Polish mountains after centuries

Two of the many silver coins found by metal detectors in the mountains of Poland. (Photo: Świętokrzyska Exploration Group)