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Le Pen threatens that Macron won't be able to send troops to Ukraine

Le Pen threatens that Macron won't be able to send troops to Ukraine Photo: Photo: Marine Le Pen, French politician (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The pro-Russian leader of the French far-right, Marine Le Pen, suggested significant differences in the level of support for Ukraine in the event of a victory in the parliamentary elections, provided that President Emmanuel Macron and the government headed by the leader of her list, Jordan Bardella, coexist, according to Le Télégramme.

"The title of Commander-in-Chief for the president will be honorary, as it is the Prime Minister who will hold the purse strings," Le Pen stated.

She emphasized that Bardella does not intend to quarrel with Macron, but the young politician has drawn red lines.

"Regarding Ukraine, the president will not be able to send troops there," added the leader of the National Rally.

The agency notes that Bardella has previously opposed supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles.

According to Le Pen's forecasts, she will have an absolute majority in parliament, so she has no doubts about the Prime Minister's candidacy.

"The Constitution is quite clear. As for the prime minister, the president realizes that he has little choice, as Jordan Bardella will receive his legitimacy directly from the French people. Moreover, since Macron is not running for re-election, he will be in an uncomfortable position," she anticipates.

Extraordinary elections in France

The French president announced extraordinary elections to the National Assembly (the lower house of parliament) following his party's defeat in the European Parliament elections in early June.

Le Pen's political party won the European Parliament elections in France.

The far-right National Rally party, formally led by the pro-Russian politician Marine Le Pen, could secure a majority in the upcoming extraordinary parliamentary elections in France.