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Latvia to transfer to Ukraine new batch of cars confiscated from drunk drivers

Latvia to transfer to Ukraine new batch of cars confiscated from drunk drivers Latvia will transfer a new batch of cars to Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

On Tuesday, the Latvian government decided to transfer 12 vehicles confiscated from drunk drivers to Ukraine free of charge. These cars will be transferred for the needs of the military administration of the city of Henichesk, Kherson region, army units of the Ministry of Defense, the Valkyva aid center in Kharkiv, the council of the village of Kytaihorod, the communal non-profit enterprise Lviv Territorial Medical Association, and the Medical Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, according to Rus.LSM.

It is reported that in Latvia, driving a vehicle in a state of severe alcohol intoxication (when the blood alcohol level exceeds 1.5 per mille) can result in the confiscation of the vehicle, or if the driver is operating someone else's vehicle, they must pay an amount equivalent to the value of the car. The Seimas also adopted amendments to the law on supporting the civilian population of Ukraine, which allow for the free transfer of vehicles belonging to the state, owned by the government of Ukraine, to support Ukrainian society.

Latvia has repeatedly transferred confiscated vehicles to Ukraine and has now committed to helping restore the Chernihiv region. Over 5 million euros will be allocated for the assistance program. Part of these funds will be used for the reconstruction of social infrastructure facilities in the region, while another 2 million will be used to involve Latvian entrepreneurs in the region's recovery.

"The support aims to provide basic services to the population, overcome war-related injuries, and promote the socio-economic development of the Chernihiv region. Latvia's participation in Ukraine's recovery contributes to improving the quality of life for the population, which directly enhances resilience and provides hope for a better future, which is crucial during a war," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

Since February 2022, Latvian aid to Ukraine has exceeded 600 million euros.

Finland announced the transfer of a new aid package to Ukraine worth 188 million euros. Finnish President Alexander Stubb emphasized that this is mostly military aid, including air defense systems and large-caliber artillery ammunition.

In addition, the President of Estonia noted that the West should not impose restrictions on aid to Ukraine. He added that he considers Ukrainian strikes on Russian military targets located in the rear to be legitimate.