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Latvia allocates €10 million for artillery shells for Ukraine

Latvia allocates €10 million for artillery shells for Ukraine Photo: Andris Sprūds, Minister of Defense of Latvia (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Latvia is transferring 10 million euros to the Czech initiative, within which artillery shells are being procured for Ukraine, announces Andris Sprūds, Latvian Defense Minister.

Sprūds revealed that with just 10 million euros, Ukraine plans to purchase 3,000 155mm artillery shells.

Additionally, the minister noted that in June, the second batch of drones will be dispatched to Ukraine as part of the drone coalition. Ukrainian soldiers will receive around a thousand combat drones of varying capabilities.

The coalition countries have allocated over half a billion euros for the purchase of drones for Ukraine.

Overall, for the year 2024, Latvia has planned to allocate 112 million euros, which accounts for 0.25% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

Czech initiative

The European Union failed to fulfill its promise to transfer one million shells to Ukraine within a year. This decision was made in the spring of last year.

Against this backdrop, Czech President Petr Pavel proposed purchasing shells for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from third countries. Already, around a million ammunition units have been found.

Ukraine's allied countries have allocated a significant amount of funds for the purchase of shells. The first deliveries under such an initiative are set to begin as early as June.