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Large-scale strike began on railways in Germany

Large-scale strike began on railways in Germany A large-scale strike on the railways has started in Germany (photo: Kateryna Honcharova, RBC-Ukraine)

The German Train Drivers' Union has announced its largest-ever strike. The protest action commenced today, January 24, at 3:00 Kyiv time. It is scheduled to conclude at 19:00 on Monday, January 29, reports Deutsche Bahn.

The strike has been triggered by the absence of a contract with the railway company Deutsche Bahn. It is noted that the six-day strike will be the longest in the history of Germany's transportation sector.

The majority of regional and intercity services have been canceled due to the strike. Deutsche Bahn has cautioned that only a very limited number of trains on intercity, regional, and urban lines will continue to operate.

This six-day strike marks the longest in the ongoing dispute between GDL (German Train Drivers' Union) and Deutsche Bahn, and the fourth within the current disagreements over wage issues. The union demands a reduction of the workweek from 38 to 35 hours, a salary increase of €555 per month, and a tax-free annual bonus of €3,000.

Passengers affected by canceled trips in Germany may be eligible for compensation.

Additionally, we previously reported on countries where strikes would disrupt travel in January. Specifically, a nationwide strike of public transportation is scheduled in Italy on January 24.