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Protests at airports and railways: Travel to be affected in several countries

Protests at airports and railways: Travel to be affected in several countries Travel will be complicated due to airport or railways protests in several countries (Photo:

In Europe, a wave of strikes by transportation workers starts after a break during the New Year holidays. In several countries, travel will be complicated due to airport or railways protests. Here are the countries where strikes are expected in January, according to

Due to a strike in Germany, 80% of trains are canceled.

In Germany, a three-day strike by the German Locomotive Drivers' Union (GDL) began on January 10 due to a long-standing dispute with Deutsche Bahn regarding working conditions and payment. Freight and passenger transport drivers are protesting. During the strike from January 10 to 12, Deutsche Bahn canceled about 80% of long-distance trains. Some regional, intercity trains and local S-Bahn trains will still be available. Passengers are advised not to plan trips on these days, and tickets will be valid for trains in the coming days after the end of the strike.

At the same time, further strikes by the union are expected throughout 2024.

Protests will take place at airports in Spain and Italy

Security personnel at Alicante-Elche Airport will strike until January 14 during specified hours twice daily. This will affect security control and baggage handling from 8:45 to 9:45 in the morning and from 6:00 to 7:00 in the evening. Passengers are recommended to choose alternative flights.

On January 24 in Italy, a nationwide public transport strike will affect the operation of metro, buses, and trams. Air passengers will also face delays and flight cancellations as air traffic controllers plan to strike from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

Rail strikes in France may resume

French railway unions SudRail and CGT des Cheminots are also in dispute over worker pay. They decided not to strike during the Christmas and New Year holidays, but strikes may resume after the holiday.

Previously, we reported that large-scale strikes on roads are starting in Germany. From January 8, farmers began blocking roads and highways across the country.

We also reported that disruptions to train services will continue on German railways in 2024. Passengers can receive compensation for canceled trips.