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Kremlin reiterates buffer zone in Ukraine: ISW explains Russian motives

Kremlin reiterates buffer zone in Ukraine: ISW explains Russian motives Photo: Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (kremlin ru)

The Russian regime has once again spoken about the so-called buffer zone in Ukraine. This is how the Russians justify war and occupation, reports the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin recently stated that Russian troops have launched an offensive in northern Kharkiv region to supposedly create a sanitary zone, claiming it's to stop shelling of Russian regions.

Russia's Deputy Security Council Chief Dmitry Medvedev also spoke of a buffer zone, suggesting it should extend across central and western Ukraine.

ISW analysts view these Russian comments as attempts to justify Ukraine's occupation, noting Medvedev's remarks are aimed at a domestic audience to build support for a perceived future Russian victory in Ukraine.

"Medvedev's decision to publish this post on his Russian-language Telegram channel suggests that his message is intended for a domestic Russian audience, and Medvedev may intend to generate support and excitement around an imagined future Russian victory in Ukraine ahead of Russia's anticipated summer 2024 offensive operations, which will likely result in large-scale Russian personnel losses," the report says.

Putin's remarks

Since May 10, the Russian army has been trying to break through Ukrainian defenses in northern Kharkiv region. Occupiers have seized several settlements and continue to advance towards Vovchansk.

According to ISW analysts, Russians are attempting to take Vovchansk as it would provide them tactical advantage for potential further advances.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin cynically justified Russia's advance in northern Kharkiv region, calling it a "response to shelling of Russian regions" and stating that his troops must create a so-called sanitary zone.