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Keeping joints strong: 4 easy rules for healthy life

Keeping joints strong: 4 easy rules for healthy life How to maintain joint health (photo: Freepik)

On average, one in five adults suffers from arthritis. In this disease, an inflammatory lesion of the joints occurs, characterized by discomfort and severe pain during movement. To avoid this, it is necessary to maintain the health of the joints from a young age, writes The Guardian.

Do strength exercises

Physiotherapist Liam Goode advises performing a variety of strength exercises for the whole body. Pilates and even yoga are suitable for this, as they involve all muscles and joints, but do not overwork them.

The doctor also advises people to squat to strengthen their joints.

"If the cartilage surrounding our joints doesn’t move enough, it won’t get enough blood flow and it will dry out and crack," says the doctor.

Move every 20-30 minutes

Osteopath John Mallinder advises to get up from the workplace every 20-30 minutes to walk a little. This will help to avoid staying in one position for a long time.

You can also perform the simplest exercises, for example, waving your hands, if of course it does not interfere with your employees.

Strengthen your shoulders

"The shoulder is inherently the most unstable joint in the body and relies heavily on muscular structure to offer support and stability," says orthopedist Anju Jaggi.

Frequent hand exercises will help strengthen the shoulder joints. The doctor advises to clench your hand into a fist every day, and then spread your fingers as much as possible 10-15 times.

Wear appropriate footwear

Some experts insist that everyone should wear sturdy, wide-soled sneakers.

"The optimal shoe is structured and lace-up; if you have flat feet, you need arch support for stability and with high-arch feet you need a more neutral running shoe," says orthopedic surgeon Nick Cullen.

For those who love heels, Cullen recommends choosing low heels or wedges to distribute the pressure on the foot.

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