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Kazakh oppositionist Sadykov attacked in Kyiv: Ukraine suspects two foreigners

Kazakh oppositionist Sadykov attacked in Kyiv: Ukraine suspects two foreigners Aidos Sadykov (screenshot)

Two citizens of Kazakhstan have been notified of suspicion in the attack on Kazakh oppositionist Aidos Sadykov in Kyiv, according to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers have identified the attackers. They were two citizens of Kazakhstan - Altay Zhakanbayev (born in 1988) and Meyram Karatayev (born in 1991).

They were notified of suspicion of intentional unlawful infliction of death on another person, committed by order and by prior conspiracy by a group of persons. They face imprisonment for 10-15 years or life imprisonment.

According to the investigation, Karatayev and Zhakanbayev received an order to kill journalist Aidos Sadykov. The customer, who was not identified, provided the perpetrators with information about the oppositionist.

The attackers arrived in Kyiv to learn more about the journalist, including his place of residence, daily routine, and travel routes. The attackers planned to kill the journalist with a pistol with a silencer.

On the day of the attack, June 18, one of the attackers ran up to the car and shot Sadykov in the head, causing an open penetrating gunshot wound to the brain. The attackers then tried to escape, throwing away the gun.


On June 18, a shooting took place in the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv. As it turned out, two unidentified men attacked a car on Yarmola Street and attempted to kill a man.

According to RBC-Ukraine sources, an attempt was made on the life of Kazakh opposition journalist Aidos Sadykov. At the time of the crime, the victim's wife was also in the car. Later, the police confirmed that Sadykov had been attacked.

The oppositionist's wife, Natalya Sadykova, said that her husband was in serious condition. He was wounded in the head, doctors did not make any prognoses.