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Japanese women's secrets to staying slim: Simple rules you can follow too

Japanese women's secrets to staying slim: Simple rules you can follow too What rules do Japanese women follow to stay slim (photo: Getty Images)

Women in Japan do not follow any restrictive diets, but they maintain a flawless figure from youth to old age. They have a few very simple rules that help them not gain extra weight, reports Wprost.

Moderation in eating

Japanese women do not deprive themselves of food. When choosing dishes and nutrients, they adhere to one simple rule: moderation. Residents of Japan avoid excesses. They eat everything but in small portions.

They also avoid rushing while eating. Women celebrate each meal, chewing slowly and calmly, even the smallest piece. They pay special attention not only to how much food is on their plate.

Beautiful presentation

For them, the presentation of food is also very important. They assume that you eat not only with your mouth but also with your eyes. Japanese women serve dishes on small plates, making it much easier for them to control portion sizes.

Children are taught from an early age the principle of "hara hachi bunme." According to this rule, you should fill your stomach only 80 percent. This helps avoid feelings of overeating and heaviness.

Breakfast - mandatory

Japanese women never skip breakfast. They know very well that it is the most important meal of the day and cannot be missed. Typically, they have breakfast with a plate of soup, omelet, boiled rice with spices, or a piece of fish.

Proper hydration

They also ensure proper hydration of the body. Most often, they choose water or green tea, which helps maintain healthy body weight and is famous for its weight loss properties. It contains theanine and tannins, which improve intestinal function and, as a result, accelerate fat burning.

In addition, green tea is a source of polyphenols. These compounds neutralize free radicals responsible for premature cell aging.

Only fresh products

The diet of Japanese women is mainly based on fresh, unprocessed products. Their menu mainly consists of vegetables, fruits, and fish. Residents of Japan significantly limit meat consumption.

They focus on fiber-rich and protein-rich foods that allow you to feel full longer, such as eggplants, brown rice, mustard spinach, tofu, whole grain bread, soy, and so on.

Various cooking techniques

Japanese women use a variety of cooking techniques. However, they most often choose steaming and baking. These are the healthiest cooking methods.

At the same time, the residents of the Land of the Rising Sun try to minimize the time of thermal processing of products. Thanks to this, they preserve the full nutritional value and do not overload the body with too many extra calories. It is worth remembering that frying often releases toxic compounds that negatively affect the body. In addition, fried food is generally heavy for the stomach.


Another rule followed by Japanese women is that movement equals health. Therefore, they do not shy away from physical activity. They ride bicycles, walk a lot, and engage in outdoor sports, most often with family, friends, or acquaintances. Do their efforts bring results? The numbers speak for themselves. According to statistics, only 3 percent of Japanese women struggle with excess weight.

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