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How to burn fat without gym or diets: 5 simple rules

How to burn fat without gym or diets: 5 simple rules How to lose weight without diets and exercises (photo:

The human body is designed in such a way that it burns fat when it expends more energy than it gets. This can be achieved with diets or sports activity. But maintaining calorie deficit often takes a lot of time, and energy, apart from being a difficult task for many. What five rules will help you burn more fat, reports Fit for fun.

Eat more protein

Foods rich in protein help burn fat. Proteins are at the forefront of the feeling of satiety: they help you feel full longer and contribute to the development of muscle mass.

And the more muscle mass, the more energy the body uses at rest.

But that's not all: the body has to spend a lot of energy just to digest protein-rich food - a quarter of food energy is lost and therefore does not reach the hips.

For example, the total amount of protein found in fish, meat, eggs, legumes, or nuts can help you eat less overall -- and consume fewer calories.

It makes sense to monitor your basal metabolic rate.

Move more

Exercise is crucial to weight loss. Based on their scientific research, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends 150 to 250 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week to stay in good shape.

It doesn't have to be a long run or a workout in the gym - brisk walking, doing chores or simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator also play a role in daily exercise.

Get a healthy night's sleep

Sleep is important for many aspects of health, including fat loss. The largest study of optimal sleep duration was conducted at the University of California.

Based on the results, researchers recommend getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night. The body needs time to regenerate, which also takes a lot of calories.

If you don't sleep well and feel stressed the next day, you tend to eat a lot more, which leads to an energy imbalance and ultimately weight gain.

This is primarily due to increased cortisol production and impaired production of the satiety hormone leptin and the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin.

Drink plenty of water

To burn fat, it is better to avoid sugar. But it is found in many drinks, which makes them a particularly big pitfall in everyday life.

Sugary drinks are high in calories, not filling, have a negative effect on insulin levels, and are a particularly poor source of energy.

Replacing sugary drinks with still water, infused water or unsweetened tea can be an important key to weight loss.

How much should you drink per day? The ideal fluid intake is about 4% of body weight.

For example, if you weigh 58 kilograms, about 2.3 liters per day is recommended.

Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has proven to be a particularly effective way to burn fat and lose weight.

The type of fasting can help reduce appetite and, above all, the feeling of hunger, which also has a positive effect on body weight.

Another useful type of fasting is 36-hour fasting - it gives the intestines a short break, and energy is eventually drawn from fat cells.

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