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Japan to allocate over $100M for Ukraine reconstruction

Japan to allocate over $100M for Ukraine reconstruction Photo: Japan will allocate funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine (Getty Images)

Japan will allocate $106 million to support Ukraine's recovery from the consequences of the war. The funds will be distributed in seven areas, such as infrastructure restoration and demining, according to Kyodo News.

According to the publication, it is expected that the governments of both countries will negotiate Japan's participation in the post-war reconstruction of the European country and will sign over 10 memoranda of cooperation at the Japanese-Ukrainian conference on promoting economic recovery scheduled for February 19 in Tokyo.

According to sources, the assistance will be used to provide equipment for demining and temporary bridges, as well as other resources urgently needed to support efforts to rebuild the war-torn country.

Japan aims to demonstrate its commitment to supporting Ukraine through public-private cooperation and will support Japanese companies starting businesses in Ukraine.

The memoranda of cooperation to be signed at the meeting include projects related to:

  • medical services,
  • cybersecurity,
  • wind farms,
  • agricultural expansion,
  • humanitarian improvement,
  • biotechnology and industry,
  • information technology,
  • management enhancement.

Japan's assistance to Ukraine

Earlier, we wrote that according to Masato Kanda, Deputy Minister of Finance of Japan for International Affairs, the country will continue to timely provide budget support to Ukraine.

We also reported that Japan will provide equipment to Ukraine to assist the energy sector.