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Japan provides Ukraine with 'ground armor' for energy sector

Japan provides Ukraine with 'ground armor' for energy sector Photo: Japan will hand over 1,800 gabions to Ukraine (

Ukraine will receive 1,800 gabions from Japan, which will be used for the physical protection of critical infrastructure facilities in various regions of Ukraine. 320 of them have already been delivered, according to the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

"You are defending important facilities every day and continue to work despite the Russian strikes. I am glad to see that the first gabions, which in Japan we call "ground armor", have already arrived. These gabions have proven their high anti-explosion qualities and are used by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces Japan's position regarding the support of your country will not waver, and we will continue to support Ukraine and its people until victory and in the future," said Japanese Ambassador to Ukraine Kuninori Matsuda.

According to Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko, Ukraine previously received autotransformers, gas turbines, and assistance in defense structures from Japan. Japan is also a partner of Ukraine in the implementation of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Peace Formula, whose important components are energy, radiation and nuclear safety.

It is known that the received gabions will be distributed to all line-production departments of the Operator of the GTS of Ukraine. They will be especially important in the frontline regions.

The GTS Operator will receive the rest of the gabions shortly. Defensive structures will be installed immediately upon arrival at the facilities to strengthen protection against possible enemy attacks.

Japan's aid to Ukraine

Earlier we wrote that according to the Deputy Minister of Finance of Japan for International Affairs Masato Kanda, the country will continue to provide budgetary support to Ukraine in a timely manner.

We also wrote that Japan would transfer equipment to Ukraine to help the energy sector.