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Japan develops AI for drones

Japan develops AI for drones Illustrative photo: Japan is developing AI for use in drones (

Japan and the USA have agreed to jointly explore artificial intelligence for its application in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles. They will collaborate alongside a new Japanese fighter jet, according to Kyodo News.

Japan plans to create a next-generation fighter jet in collaboration with the United Kingdom and Italy by 2035. The United States, Japan's primary security ally, is not involved in this project but aims to strengthen defense cooperation with Japan, particularly in the field of autonomous systems.

Drones are intended for data collection, flying alongside the fighter jets.

Initially, Tokyo sought cooperation with U.S. defense firms in developing new fighter jets but decided to seek other partners due to stringent U.S. rules regarding information confidentiality.

Japan aims to develop a successor to its F-2 aircraft, while the United Kingdom and Italy seek to replace their Eurofighter jets.

The program for developing jet fighters marks Japan's first joint agreement with another country on defense equipment development, distinct from the United States.

In December 2023, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Italy agreed to jointly develop a next-generation fighter jet. This decision was made against the backdrop of increasing tensions in the region, including heightened aggression from China.