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It's good for heart: Cardiologist dispells popular myth

It's good for heart: Cardiologist dispells popular myth Photo: A cardiologist told whether it is safe to do sports with heart problems (Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

People often believe that heart and vascular disease is an absolute contraindication to any physical activity. However, it is not true, according to the medical community Take Care of Yourself.

Is it safe to do sports?

The European Society of Cardiology notes that physical activity is not only helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease but also reduces the risk of premature death in people with existing conditions.

Ukrainian cardiologist Mariia Pavlenko says that heart and vascular diseases can be different, so there are no common recommendations for physical activity for all people.

To determine what level of exercise is recommended for you, consult your doctor.

You should also listen to your body, and start with a low intensity, gradually increasing the pace and time of activity. In particular, one of the most popular and beneficial activities is walking.

The American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine recommend a combination of aerobic (walking, swimming, cycling) and weight training.

How to do sports with heart problems

If you have heart and vascular problems, you should exercise only if you follow these tips:

  • if you are going to exercise outdoors, pay attention to the weather: avoid too cold or hot weather
  • drink enough water
  • If you have had a long break from physical activity, start increasing your activity gradually
  • stop exercising immediately if you feel unwell, if you experience chest pain, dizziness, or significant fatigue

How to keep your heart healthy

Most often, these diseases are caused by our own behavior and habits. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity.

You need to live a healthy lifestyle, choose the right diet, and exercise regularly.

Avoid tobacco smoking, electronic smoking devices, and hookahs, because under the influence of tobacco smoke, blood cells stick to the walls of blood vessels and form blood clots, which can lead to angina, heart attack, or stroke.

Get your blood pressure measured regularly and treat hypertension.

Develop skills to effectively reduce stress, such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, or a hobby that makes you feel good.

In addition, if there is a history of cardiovascular disease in the family, it is important to consult a doctor regularly and take appropriate preventive measures.

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