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Israeli military bombed Hezbollah-controlled factory in Syria, casualties reported

Israeli military bombed Hezbollah-controlled factory in Syria, casualties reported Israeli military bombed a factory in northern Syria from the air (photo: Getty Images)

Near the city of Aleppo in northwest Syria, a missile strike has been reported on a factory controlled by the Hezbollah group. The attack has resulted in fatalities, according to OSINTdefender.

According to Syrian state media, Israeli Air Force missiles targeted a copper smelting factory. There were no casualties reported from the attack, although one security guard sustained minor injuries.

The factory and the surrounding area were utilized by Hezbollah militants and other Iran-backed groups operating in the rural northwest of Syria.

Meanwhile, the Syrian radio station Sham FM, which is close to Bashar al-Assad's regime, cited a military source stating that the airstrike resulted in many fatalities and some material losses.

The source attributed the responsibility for the attack to Israel.

Other sources reported that the airstrikes targeted the copper smelting factory in the small town of Hayyan, north of Aleppo.

A video posted online by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights shows at least three explosions occurring in quick succession.

In another widely circulated video, a fire can be seen burning, although it is too dark to discern any details.

Casualties in the attack

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a probable Israeli airstrike last night resulted in the deaths of 12 people.

The UK-based opposition organization, which has previously faced criticism for exaggerating regime losses, claims that all the fatalities were members of pro-Iranian groups.

This claim cannot be independently verified. Official Syrian sources only report several fatalities.

Situation in Syria

The Kurdish-led autonomous administration in northern and eastern Syria has planned municipal elections for June 11. Mayoral elections will be held in the provinces of Al-Hasakah, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, and the eastern part of Aleppo.

On May 31, Turkiye carried out drone strikes in areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria. As a result of the attack, four fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by the US, were eliminated.