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Israeli intelligence chief resigns over Oct. 7 Hamas attack

Israeli intelligence chief resigns over Oct. 7 Hamas attack Head of the Intelligence Directorate of Israel, MG Aharon Haliva (screenshot)

The head of intelligence at the Israeli General Staff, Aharon Haliva, has submitted his resignation. His decision is related to the Hamas attack on the country on October 7, according to Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

As IDF notes, Haliva has already submitted his resignation. The decision was coordinated with the Chief of the General Staff of Israel and approved by the Minister of Defense, and the head of the intelligence will resign after his successor is appointed.

"The Chief of the General Staff thanked Major General Aharon Haliva for his 38 years of service in the IDF, during which he made significant contributions to the security of the State of Israel as both a combat soldier and commander," says IDF in a statement.

The IDF adds that Haliva is responsible for the events of October 7 as the head of the intelligence of the General Staff.

Hamas attack on Israel

Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7, resulting in numerous casualties and the abduction of both civilians and military. In response, Israel launched a military operation aimed at eliminating Hamas and deployed troops to the Gaza Strip.

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in March, Israel is nearing the end of hostilities. At the same time, the IDF plans to continue advancing on Rafah, raising concerns within Egypt and the United States.

On April 7, the IDF withdrew almost all of its troops from the southern part of the Gaza Strip. As the White House later explained, the decision was related to personnel reassignment and rest.