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Israeli army shelled Rafah, Palestinian terrorists eliminated

Israeli army shelled Rafah, Palestinian terrorists eliminated The Israeli army shelled the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip (photo: Getty Images)

On Thursday, May 9, the Israeli army shelled a district in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. According to the Israeli side, as a result of the attack, a commander of an Islamic terrorist group's unit was killed, reports Reuters.

Residents and medical workers in the city of Rafah reported that at least three people were killed and several others wounded as a result of the Israeli attack near a mosque in the eastern Brazil neighborhood. Videos from the scene show two bodies wrapped in blankets under the rubble near the minaret.

Additionally, it is reported that at least 12 people, including women and children, were killed as a result of an airstrike on two buildings in the Sabra area of Rafah.

According to the agency, among the dead are a senior commander of the Al-Mujahedeen Brigades militants and his family, as well as the family of another group leader, medical workers, relatives, and representatives of the group.

Israel claims that Hamas militants are hiding in Rafah, where the population has swelled with hundreds of thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip seeking shelter from bombardments, turning much of the coastal enclave into rubble.

Chief armed forces spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari noted that the Israeli military has the necessary ammunition for planned operations in Rafah. He stated that the Israeli army killed 50 Palestinian fighters in the eastern part of the city and uncovered several tunnels.

A high-ranking Israeli official late Thursday told Reuters that the latest round of indirect talks in Cairo on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip had concluded. According to him, Israel will continue its operation in Rafah and other parts of the Gaza Strip as planned.

Israel's operation in Rafah

Tel Aviv previously announced its intention to conduct a military operation in the city of Rafah in the southern areas of the Gaza Strip.

Recently, Israelis seized the Palestinian side of the Rafah checkpoint.

In response, the US has suspended the shipment of thousands of bombs to Israel that could be used to bombard residential areas of the city.

President Joe Biden did not rule out halting the delivery of a range of weapons to Israel due to the operation in Rafah.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel is prepared to continue fighting even without US assistance.