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Israel struck large weapons production facility in Lebanon

Israel struck large weapons production facility in Lebanon Photo: Israel strikes a major weapons production facility in Lebanon (Getty Images)

The IDF struck a major Hezbollah arms production facility in Lebanon. This occurred after it was revealed that attacks on Israel were not only coming from Iran but also from Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen, according to IDF Telegram channel.

"A short while ago, in response to the launches that were fired toward northern Israel overnight, IDF fighter jets struck a significant Hezbollah weapons manufacturing site in the area of Nabi Chit, deep inside Lebanon," the message says.

Iran's strike on Israel

Iran launched dozens of drones and missiles towards Israeli territory starting from the evening of April 13th.

The massive strike was reportedly triggered by Israel's attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria on April 1st. Consequently, just two weeks later, Iran retaliated with this attack.

It was reported that "dozens of rockets" were launched from Lebanon towards northern Israel, prompting IDF to strike several military targets in Lebanon. Strikes were also carried out from Iraq and Yemen. Overall, Iran fired over 300 drones and missiles towards Israel.

Israel is already planning a "serious response" to this unprecedented drone and missile launch from Iranian territory. Israel has pledged to coordinate its response with its allies. For more details on the aftermath of the attack, read the material by RBC-Ukraine.