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Israel's war cabinet meeting ends: Decision on retaliation not yet made

Israel's war cabinet meeting ends: Decision on retaliation not yet made Israel's war cabinet meeting ends (photo: Getty Images)

A meeting of the Israeli war cabinet ended without a decision on how to respond to Iran's attack, reports CNN.

According to an anonymous source, the Israeli cabinet is determined to respond but has not yet decided on the timing and scope of the response.

The official noted that the Israeli military has been instructed to develop additional options for response.

Separately, an anonymous senior official in the administration of US President Joe Biden said that an Israeli official told the United States that Israel was not seeking a significant escalation of the confrontation with Iran.

"I think Israel made clear to us they're not looking for a significant escalation with Iran. That's not what they're looking for. They're looking to protect themselves and defend themselves," the administration official said.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that Israel "will exact a price from Iran in a way and time that suits us."

Iran's attack on Israel

On the night of April 14, Iran attacked Israel with hundreds of attack drones and missiles. Israel said that almost all air targets were shot down, and the damage from the attack was insignificant. The US and British forces assisted Israel in intercepting Iranian drones and missiles.

According to Israeli army spokesperson Daniel Hagari, the strike caused minor damage to a military base in southern Israel. Read more about the results of Iran's attack on Israel in RBC-Ukraine's article.

On the afternoon of April 14, the American TV channel CNN, citing an Israeli source, reported that Israel would retaliate against Iran, but the extent of the response would be determined at a meeting of the military cabinet.

At the same time, according to The Guardian, the United States has already warned Israel that it will not participate in the Israeli response.

Read more about the causes of the conflict between Israel and Iran in RBC-Ukraine's article.