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Israel preparing to discuss post-war future of Gaza for first time

Israel preparing to discuss post-war future of Gaza for first time Photo: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Getty Images)

Today, on December 28, Israel's security cabinet will discuss for the first time Tel Aviv's plans for post-war Gaza, reports The Times of Israel.

In particular, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been delaying addressing the issue of post-war Gaza, which angered the administration of President Joe Biden. The United States, in turn, is convinced that the lack of a plan regarding who will govern Gaza after the war will result in Israel being stuck in the enclave indefinitely.

"Netanyahu has offered scant details on what he would like to see, sufficing with assertions that Israel will not allow the Palestinian Authority to rule Gaza and that the IDF will maintain overall security control over the enclave," the article says.

Today's meeting comes a few days after Ron Dermer, Strategic Affairs Minister, returned from Washington, where he raised the aforementioned issue with senior U.S. officials.

Israel's war with Hamas

On October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israeli territory. Terrorists killed and kidnapped not only military personnel but also civilians. Following this, Tel Aviv initiated Operation Iron Sword.

A temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas for the release of prisoners began on November 24, but hostilities resumed on December 1, according to Tel Aviv, due to violations by the terrorists.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden claims that Israel is starting to lose global support due to the 'indiscriminate bombing' of the Gaza Strip. The UN General Assembly, with a majority of votes, called for an end to the violence.

Benjamin Netanyahu assures that international pressure will not stop the war against Hamas.