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Israel announces foiled plot to carry out attack in Jerusalem

Israel announces foiled plot to carry out attack in Jerusalem Illustrative photo: Two suspects detained in Israel for alleged plot to carry out an attack in Jerusalem (Getty Images)

Israeli police have arrested two residents of East Jerusalem, accusing them of supporting the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) and planning attacks in the city, writes The Times of Israel.

It is reported that the law enforcement authorities stated that the two young men, aged 23 and 21, intended to use explosive devices against security forces.

In a joint statement, the Israeli police and the Shin Bet security service mentioned that the suspects are residents of the Jabal Mukaber neighborhood in southeast Jerusalem.

They were arrested at the end of December before the suspects could carry out the attacks. An investigation has since been initiated.

During interrogations, it was revealed that the detainees supported the ideology of ISIS and consumed the organization's terrorist content online. Among the materials they viewed were killings committed by ISIS in conflict zones abroad.

"Under the influence of the organization’s material, the two planned to carry out terrorist attacks against police officers and members of the Border Police," the statement said.

As part of their preparations for the attacks, the suspects learned how to make explosive devices and carry out sabotage, according to law enforcement officials.

During the interrogation, investigators also found "pedophilic material" on one of the suspect's phones. A separate criminal case was opened against him regarding these facts.

Jerusalem attack

Recalling the end of November 2023, a shooting occurred at a bus stop in Jerusalem. As a result of this terrorist attack, three people were killed, and at least six others were injured.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Hamas group. In their statement about the attack, the militants mentioned that it was a response, in part, to Israel's war against the terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.

Israel's war with Hamas

On October 7, 2023, Hamas militants launched a massive invasion into Israel. The terrorists began killing and kidnapping both military and civilian individuals. Israel soon announced Operation Iron Swords and shelled terrorist locations in the Gaza Strip.

A temporary ceasefire for the release of prisoners began on November 24, mediated by Qatar. Hostilities resumed on December 1, according to Israel, due to Hamas violating the ceasefire terms.

On December 20, Israel proposed a one-week ceasefire to the Palestinians. However, Hamas rejected the offer.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had previously outlined three conditions that must be met for ending the war against the Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.